(KLFY) — Tax Day is coming up on April 17, a day which few people think of as good news. But those in Louisiana have more to be happy about than almost anyone. According to a recent study, Louisiana taxpayers get the second-most money back on their taxes among the states in the U.S.

The study done by stacker.com using data from the IRS from 2020, the last year for which data is available, showed only Texas taxpayers got more of their money back among the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Individual income tax returns filed between January and December 2021 were used in this analysis — not included are filers who opted to put their refund toward the following year’s tax payments.

According to the study, Louisianans had a average refund amount of $3,330, well above the national average of $3,085. Only Texas saw a bigger average refund, $3,488.

The study also showed that 79.3% of those filing in Louisiana got refunds. That’s more than all but three states, West Virginia (81.7%), Mississippi and Indiana (79.5% each). Nationwide, 74% of those filing got refunds.

Maine saw the lowest average refund ($2,607) and California had the lowest percentage of returns getting refunds (67.9%).