LOUISIANA (KLFY) — According to a new study by 1-800 Injured, Louisiana is ranked number seven in the nation for most dangerous roads, and number two for worst road quality. News 10’s Danielle Johnson broke down data and explained how one area in Acadiana has already begun updating dangerous roads.

Experts said this didn’t happen overnight. There are several factors that led up to this ranking. Law enforcement, emergency personnel officials, and community advocacy groups constantly stress the importance of road safety.

Some of the main causes of traffic accidents and fatalities are impairment, distracted driving, and improper seatbelt use, according to the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission and Louisiana State Police. Recent data revealed the standard of road quality and maintenance can also be a determining factor that can make a collision more likely.

The website’s data also revealed that Louisiana is ranked as the second-worst for worst road quality, with a score of 1.16 on the road quality index.

1-800 Injured ranks states based on various fatality rate statistics. Here’s how Louisiana’s numbers break down:

  • 17.78 fatalities per 100,000 people
  • 1.71 fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles traveled
  • 24.23 fatalities per 100,000 licensed drivers

While numbers are alarming, there is work being done in Acadiana to improve road conditions. A quarter of a million dollars recently went to resurfacing roads in Jeanerette.

Jeanerette Mayor Caro Bourgeois explained that there were several complaints from citizens about poor road conditions. The mayor said city leaders identified the worst ones within each ward, and created a list of 25 roads to resurface. Four streets were done in Phase One of the project.

“It’s been long overdue and much needed but Jeanerette is in a better position today,” Bourgeois said. “We are trying to administrate things to the best of our abilities.”