BRUSLY, La. (BRPROUD) – Imagine attending an awards ceremony at a local middle school and celebrating your accomplishments with a meal at a local restaurant, only to have your experience tainted by a roach.

Latoya Thomas said that’s exactly what happened to her and her 12-year-old daughter on Tuesday, May 17.

At 3:15 p.m., Thomas and her daughter headed to a Sonic Drive-In on La. 1 in Brusly. Thomas says her daughter ordered ice cream, double cheeseburger and a slush. The 12-year-old began by taking a piece of lettuce off the burger and eating it.

It was at that point, the middle school student inspected the cheeseburger.

Image courtesy of Latoya Thomas

Thomas says you can see what she found in the picture to the left. She believes that what you see is a dead cockroach in the cheeseburger. The local mother says that a piece of hair was also found in the ice cream.

As Thomas said, it always pays to check your food before you eat it.

Thomas claims to have gone to see the store manager after seeing this in the burger. According to Thomas, the store manager did provide a refund, provided coupons and mention that a call will be made to pest control.

An area supervisor for Sonic Drive-In did contact Latoya and apologized for the entire experience.

So will the local mother be taking her family to this Sonic Drive-In again?

Thomas says, “I’ll never go there again, just thinking about my baby eating that is grossing me out and making me angry again.”