(KLFY) In many parishes across the state, the number of COVID-19 cases has flattened.

The Louisiana Gaming Control Board says as long as that continues, it’s likely casinos could re-open in May.

“If the numbers continue to do what we hope they’re going to do and flatten out, perhaps by the end of the month,” Louisiana Gaming Control Board Chairman Ronnie Jones said.

Jones says when casinos do re-open, however, it’s going to be a very different experience inside.

“It will be reduced capacity. We won’t be filling up these gaming floors with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people. It’ll probably be a percentage of what their authorized capacity is,” Jones said.

Some may appreciate the smaller crowds, but there will also be less interaction between players.

“Every other device will likely be disabled to provide for social distancing unless they put up something like a plexiglass barrier, some sort of panel between devices,” he added.

He says casinos will be set up in a way that every person can stay at least six feet apart from one another at all times.

“You’ll have less chairs available at poker tables and black jack tables. You’ll have less people participating in craps games just to provide for that social distancing. You’ll find most of the employees are probably going to be wearing masks and PPE’s, and there will be lots of sanitation and cleaning going on,” Jones told News Ten.

Jones says since casinos were forced to shut down mid-March, the state has lost out on about $100
million of state revenue.

He says that number will grow the longer casinos are closed.