LOUISIANA (KLFY)—In the wake of Hurricane Idalia hitting Florida as a Category 3 storm, Lafayette Utility System, the United Cajun Navy and Acadian Ambulance made their way over to lend a helping hand.

Ryan Romero with LUS said they have a mutual aid agreement with Tallahassee.

“When they have hurricanes, we help them,” Romero said. “When we have hurricane, they help us.”

When Idalia hit, around 40,000 people in Tallahassee lost power. After just a few hours of work, they were able to get 10,000 people their power back, but Romero said more work still needs to be done.

“It will start to slow down because once you get to the smaller tabs and there is a lot of back yard stuff that is going to take a little bit longer to get those customers back on,” Romero said.

Along with LUS, The Cajun Navy Ground Force team travelled to Florida to prepare for the aftermath of what is to come. They are looking for donations and volunteers to come in and join to help Florida’s most vulnerable.

“The elderly, disabled, working poor, [and] people without large networks of support,” Rob Goudet with The Cajun Navy Ground Force said. “We bring in volunteers to become the networks of support.”

The United Cajun Navy has search and rescue missions on the way as well.

“We have a K-9 team, an airboat team, drone team and the veteran support group,” Bryan Trascher with United Cajun Navy said.

As emergencies are bound to happen in hurricanes, Acadian Ambulance showed up to Florida to respond as well.

“Once those calls come in to the E.O.C. System, we will be able to determine how many units we will need to send and deploy from there,” Tripp Blanchard, Acadian Ambulance quality improvement coordinator said.

If you are interested in volunteering to help The United Cajun Navy, go to the United Cajun Navy website.