MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — A teenager from Farmerville is in desperate need of a heart transplant.

2 Dudes Brew and Que in downtown Monroe hosted a fundraiser to help out.

Khloe Gorman, a local teenager in desperate need of a heart transplant, says, “The organ has to be perfect for my body. Even when you get that call, there can be something wrong with that organ.”

We also spoke with her mother, Whitney Gorman, who is worried about her daughter.

Whitney Gorman says, “I’m scared, I’m scared every day. I’m scared what if she doesn’t wake up this morning? What if she can’t get out of bed this morning? I hang on to my faith that God has a purpose for her and God has a reason.”

Khloe also says, “Honestly if I don’t get the transplant, it’s just waiting for the day I’m not here anymore. It’s really important that I do, and I really hope that it comes soon because I’ve gotten a lot weaker than I used to be. I already can’t do a lot anymore. I’m looking forward to it and getting better and living a normal life.”

There’s always a need for an organ to donor. For more information, you can visit

Now, Khloe does have a fundraiser on her Facebook page if you would like to help her directly. The money from her Facebook Fundraiser will go to cover the expenses of travel, food, gas, hotels, and anything else she many need in the future.

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If you want to visit her fundraiser Facebook page, click here.