(KPLC) Lake Charles is still recovering from Hurricane Laura, but progress is being made at KPLC-TV to get their facility back up and running at full capacity after their TV tower collapsed and crushed their studio.

Jillian Corder reports.

It was more than 65 years ago the tower went up and KPLC first hit the airwaves.

While the structure has been reinforced since it was installed, Hurricane Laura proved too strong and a week ago the tower toppled crashing into the 7 news studio which was evacuated earlier that day.

While our team coverage continues with the help of our Gray television sister stations across the state, crews went to work quickly to stabilize and remove the fallen tower.

“So within 24 hours of the hurricane hitting we already had crews mobilized coming here.”

A days long process, a major portion of the structure was lifted off the KPLC building and placed along division street exposing a gaping hole in to the roof of our studio.

“We won’t be in the studio for quite some time, because that’s gonna be a complete remodel, we’ll have to gut it and do some structural work there. But there are other parts of the building we’ll be able to broadcast from.”

Then, crews cut away hanging pieces of metal.

“This is the first step in being able to get back to on television.”