LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) A Lafayette mother wants answers about her son who she says is missing.

April Thibodeaux of Lafayette says 18-year-old DeMarques Thibodeaux ran-away from a transitional home for boys in Shreveport, and she hasn’t seen him since.

Thibodeaux says the last time she heard from her son was last year when he called to say he’s leaving the transitional home.  

Thibodeaux explains that call was on December 13, 2020.  

The transition home tells KLFY News 10 that a police report has been filed, and now it’s out of their hands.

“I told him as a mother, I said DeMarques go back to the facility and call your probation officer and let them know that you want to exchange facilities and finish your time there,” Thibodeaux stated.

According to DeMarques’s mother, her son fled with another person.  

The transitional home agrees.

“This time he left on December 19, and he left with a young man named Jacob Cavalier. They ended up finding him.  He (Jacob) ended up somewhere in Monroe. They let him go home,” Thibodeaux added.

Briana Richmond for LL Brandon Transitional Home for Boys says she’s the authorized person to speak on the issue as the Assistant Administrator.

Richmond says according to the center’s records DeMarques was officially discharged on December 19, 2020.

“At that point, law enforcement takes over and they continue their search and the investigation as far as to find that resident.”

DeMarques’ mother states that she’s received text messages from a telephone number she’s unable to trace.  
Thibodeaux says some of the messages suggest that her son has been killed or asking for ransom money.
“Where do we look, where do we go, who do we turn too.  It’s a lot,” Thibodeaux explained.

Thibodeaux says the discharge information is new to her.

“I know she’s hurting and just to see her suffer hurts me,” great-grandmother Mary Ann Eaglin said.

The transitional home says the parole officer or Office of Juvenile in Lafayette will be the sources for further information.

The Thibodeaux family says since KLFY’s research the Shreveport Police Department has contacted them to state that they are opening an investigation.