NEW ORLEANS — There’s a house float in Lakeview that is getting a lot of attention because it features a giant octopus attacking the Soliman family home.

This house float started off as a Halloween skeleton second line, but now it has transformed into a Mardi Gras monster, a giant octopus that looks like Ursula the Sea Witch from “The Little Mermaid,” or the Lochness Monster.

“We were going for an end of the world theme. We got skeletons, a second line, Bernie Sanders, and then the tentacles are taking over. The tentacles are nylon inflatables. I was searching the internet and now our house has gone viral,” David Soliman the homeowner said.

They are hoping that their house float raises awareness to help people want to donate to the Krewe of House Floats which will be helping musicians and artists affected by the pandemic.

“We are wanting to raise a hundred thousand dollars for musicians and artisans. It is our duty. We want to show our support,” he said.

The family said that they had no idea that their giant octopus house would be getting so much attention.

“People from all over are stopping over and everyone is asking questions and really causing traffic jams,” Michelle Soliman said.

Originally David said that he bought the tentacles for a halloween display, but his wife Michelle said because they were Mardi Gras colors they would have to wait to put them out until Mardi Gras.

They deflate the tentacles nightly because the air machines make too much noise and they want to make sure their daughter gets a good night’s rest.

This Octopus house float is located at 6574 Memphis Street in Lakeview.

For more information on the Krewe of House Floats and if you’d like to make a donation, click HERE.