LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– Many of you know her on Passe Partout, but for the next few weeks, News 10’s Sylvia Masters will literally be living her dream in Reno, Nevada competing for Miss USA.

When crowned Miss Louisiana USA in February, Masters became one step closer to her childhood dream, having the opportunity to compete in Miss USA.

“It was always something that I wanted to be and represent, but the honor that this has given me is really what the best part is,” Masters said.

You see the glitz, the glam, the beautiful gowns and crowns, but the journey was not easy. Masters’ passion for pageants developed at the age of 12.

“It was exciting. She didn’t place or anything but the pageant bug bit her, and it was on from there,” Rachel Masters, Sylvia Masters’ mom, said.

Rachel Masters said after several losses, Sylvias’ tough-by-nature personality only ignited the lesson of perseverance.

“It was straight dope perseverance for her to get to where she was today,” she said.

Because of her commitment to the competition, Sylvia Masters gained experience and titles, but she would face what some may see as a sign to give up. She competed five years in a row for Miss Louisiana USA.

“I came back the next year and I enjoyed every minute of it,” Sylvia Masters said. “There was not one year that I said I didn’t  want to come back.

It was her sixth and final year to compete where she would take home the title, turning her dream of competing in Miss USA into a reality.

“Six years it took me to finally win,” Sylvia Masters said. “I was ok with not placing. I enjoyed it so much.”

Statistics say you’re more likely to have a son make it to the NFL than to have a daughter compete in Miss USA.

“I belong to a very special club right now,” Rachel Masters said. “I’m one of 51 moms in the country, and I cannot be more proud.”

Another proud supporter, best friend and former co-anchor Caroline Marcello, told News 10 more about Sylvia Masters’ achievement and her impact in the community.

“I get chills thinking about it, and I still go back and watch the videos,” Marcello said. “Yeah, it happened; it was real, but it was such a surreal moment to watch my friend win something that she’s been working years for. She’s been at schools, reading to kids, at different shelters, and going to visit children at hospitals. The strength it takes to do that and to do it with a smile and the grace of a queen with the presence that she has. She gets joy from bringing joy to others.”