LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) The passage of a Louisiana House bill could mean that every classroom in the state will have a poster board that reads “In God We Trust.”

Senator Dodie Horton of Haughton introduced House Bill 8.  

Louisiana passed a similar law in 2018 but it only required the motto to be placed at every public school.

“It’s a good thing being they took prayer out of schools.  That would be a good thing to do,” parent Tamisha Leblanc stated.

Chelsea Bowman, who waits in the car line outside a Lafayette public school with other parents to pick her child, says she supports House Bill 8.

“I guess I’m a firm believer in god my children go to church as well.”

State legislators are being asked to vote to require the motto inside of every Louisiana public school classroom.

“That should be a nice idea. Why? because it can let the young people know these days you have to trust in God for  everything,” parent Michelle Cooper added.

House Bill 8 keeps in place the option for school districts to cover the cost to put the display in every classroom or accept donations to make it happen.

If the bill is approved as is, school districts will not be required to use their own funds to make the purchase.

“Kids need to know there is a God and believe in prayer and sometimes prayer is what we need to get us through the day,” Leblanc explained.