‘If a dog was being kept in those type of conditions, there would be an uproar,’ Family outraged after loved one kept in warehouse during Hurricane Ida


BATON ROUGE, La. (KLFY) – A woman is speaking out after her mother was taken from her nursing home to a warehouse during Hurricane Ida.

The family is now taking legal action against the owner after seven residents, many transferred to hospitals, and for cruel treatment.

“I was extremely upset. Who wants to hear that their parents were in a facility with such inhumane conditions.”

Now they are seeking justice.

“Because my mama was treated worse than you would treat a dog. If a dog was being kept in those type of conditions, there would be an uproar.”

“Shame on you, how do you sleep at night?

Currently there are at least four lawsuits filed against the owner of the nursing homes, Bob Dean.

What pains Fazande is her mother worked for Dean as a nurse for years until she retired in 2016.

“And she was a nurse in a nursing home. I didn’t think you know; anybody would be treated that way especially my mom.”

For now, her mother is safe, but the trauma lingers for the entire family.

“You know, I just keep replaying it, I just keep, you know, picturing all of the horrific things that that she described to me that she was going through and feeling, you know, a little bit of guilt for putting her in this facility, for her to be even put that position.”

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