Humane Society of Louisiana: Don’t give animals as gifts this Easter


New Orleans, La. (KLFY) – The Humane Society of Louisiana is urging individuals and families not to give live animals such as rabbits, ducklings and chicks as gifts this Easter. 

According to the HSL, the novelty of these presents wears off rather quickly and many of the animals are later released into the wild, surrendered to humane societies, or neglected after the Easter season.

“We continue to see and receive reports of rabbits, chicks, and ducklings (some dyed with Easter colors) being abandoned at Lafreniere Park, Audubon Park, and other open areas a few days after Easter,” said Jeff Dorson, HSL director. 

These animals are domesticated and cannot fend for themselves so they become prey to other animals, the director said. 

  Instead, HSL is encouraging people to give presents that will always be appreciated and require little to no maintenance such as art, cards, flowers or treats. 

“If folks want to adopt an animal over the Easter weekend, we recommend that they visit their local shelters and give a home to a deserving dog, cat, puppy, kitten, rabbit or an exotic animal,” Dorson said.

“Most shelters have an assortment of animals looking for good homes and in the spirit of Easter and the feelings of love and gratitude that surround this special holiday, we think it would be a great idea to give a new home to a pet from a shelter instead of buying one.” 

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