KEITHVILLE, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – A group of retired chimps in Northwest Louisiana hopes to get a lot of love this Valentine’s Day.

If you adore the largest chimpanzee sanctuary in the world, sending valentines to chimps may be the best thing you’ve thought of doing Feb. 14.

The chimps have already been given long-stem roses which they sniff and play with and, to be honest, wind up eating. Chimpanzees actually think roses taste delicious! (Image: Chimp Haven)

Sending a retired chimp a valentine is easy! You simply donate any dollar amount to Chimp Haven, and they’ll give a chimp a personalized Valentine’s Day message from you. Your message will also accompany peanut butter-covered conversation hearts and fresh strawberries!

You can even visit Chimp Haven’s Facebook or Instagram and watch the chimpanzees receive their valentines.

Donate to Chimp Haven here, where you can create a message for a chimp. Or, if you’d like, create a message for a special person instead of a chimpanzee to send your loved one a Chimp Haven valentine!

If you’re donating to Chimp Haven to make a chimp’s day brighter or earning brownie points with your significant other, you’d better hurry. Valentine’s Day donations will only be accepted until Friday, Feb. 10.