LOUISIANA (KLFY)– With wildfires still spreading in some areas, getting resources to control and contain them have been difficult.

Since the middle of August, Louisiana has seen over 50,000 acres burned in multiple wildfires within close range of each other. The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry’s Commissioner Mike Strain said because of this, it made it difficult for firefighters and response teams to control.

“When you start fighting multiple wildfires. The tiger island fire, the 113, the Elizabeth, the Ida, the Ragley, you know all these big name fires and those in Sabine simultaneously, that’s what makes it difficult,” Strain said.

Strain said these large wildfires are hard to fight when there are multiple ignition sources, and they are arson-based. He said his department has been receiving assistance from several fire crews and response teams because of limited resources.

“We also have additional resources from 26 states that have come in to help us as well as the National Forest Service and the National Guard and other agencies, you know local and state fire fighters as well,” Strain said.

He said the firefighting force on duty continues to have over flights in the areas to monitor the fires. He says one way they do that is by using infra-red photography.

“What we’re doing in multiple areas is we’re using infra-red photography to look and find the hotspots and get in there and try to extinguish them,” Strain said.

He said although they are fighting multiple other fires in a very close proximity within each other, firefighters have been able to get the fires under control.

“And so, all of these fires are currently under control,” Strain said. “They are more than 95 percent contained. And the difference between controlled and contained is we have a fire line around them. We’re continuing to monitor fire lines.”