Houma residents relive Hurricane Ida


HOUMA, La. (KLFY) Thousands of people in Terrebonne Parish are without power or cell phone service after Hurricane Ida slammed the area Sunday.

The massive storm left devastation and destruction in its path.

People who stayed here Houma say this is the worst hurricane they have ever been through, and they say this was the longest one too.

“It was like 150 mile an hour winds for I’d say seven hours,” Daria Hebert said.

“It was relentless,” her husband, Scott, added.

“It was pretty traumatic. I didn’t expect it to be this bad,” Houma resident Benton McDonald told News Ten. “When it comes to wind speed, it’s going to be the worst hurricane in the continental united states ever, I believe. It was bad. I had a wind gage in my backyard. Before it flew off, it was reading 137 miles an hour wind speeds.”

While Hurricane Ida ripped through Houma, residents who stayed say they could only imagine what was going on outside their homes.

“It was scary. We would hear things hit the roof, and we’d be like, ‘What was that?’ But it was too crazy to go outside,” Daria Hebert said.

“I was in my house, in my kitchen. I had bedframes and mattresses all up on the windows because I live in a really old house with a lot of windows, big windows too. So I was pretty scared. I had stayed for the last couple of storms because they had overexaggerated the devastation. And man, you can’t really take these storms lightly. You find that the old hard way or the easier way,” Brenton McDonald added.

Many say it wasn’t until Monday morning when they could see the damage that they realized how dangerous this storm was.

“We’ve stayed for Andrew and Lilly and Isaac and Katrina and Gustav. You name it. We’ve stayed for all of them, and we’ve never lost one shingle. The difference with this one is it came, and it would not leave,” Hebert said.

Driving through Houma, you see windows of downtown businesses shattered, trees and powerlines blocking roads, and numerous residents picking up the pieces of this hurricane.

“This is probably going to go down in the record books in my eyes,” McDonald said.

“We’re lucky to be alive,” Daria and Scott Hebert added.

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