NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — A young woman is lucky to be alive. She was carjacked on Magazine Street, dragged down the road, and almost hit by a bus.

It’s a truly horrifying story, that has our community shaken up. It’s something that could have easily happened to any of us.

Someone dressed in a black hoodie opened Gabby Marino’s drivers’ side door and in an eerily calm, feminine voice said, “Get Out.”

In a split second the 26-year-old woman says, she tried to run to the passenger’s side to grab her purse and phone. That’s when the suspect took off while she was still stuck in the door.

When she broke loose, Marino was met with two headlights. A bus almost slammed into her.

This all happened after she was walking out of her fitness class. Marino’s white Volvo was parked just out front of the building, located in the 1300 block of Magazine Street.

Her parking space was just feet away from the building, next to a packed restaurant and there were several people walking the street that night.

Marino says after getting into her car, she sat for a second to send a text before leaving and that’s when the person pulled open the door.

“I feel so violated because it was like yeah, she didn’t care. They didn’t care about my life or about my safety. They took all of my things and just fling me out of the car like that and almost get hit by that bus. It’s just a terrible feeling. I mean, the whole thing is so scary and all happened so fast. That is definitely something that keeps playing in my head,” described Gabby Marino, the carjacking victim.

Take a good look at the video. NOPD is still looking for a suspect and Marino’s car. If you know anything, call CRIMESTOPPERS. Your tips can remain anonymous.

The wild thing is, when you see Gabby Marino, you’ll see is almost six feet tall, a former Saintsation, in shape and fit. Not someone who you would think would make for an easy target.

She is recovering with her family now out of town and says while she loves the city, she is now afraid to come back.

When leaving anywhere, be aware of your surroundings. If you can walk with a buddy, do so. Have your keys ready to quickly get in the car. As soon as you get into your car, lock the doors, then start the engine and buckle up before leaving.

Don’t leave your car running if you have to get out.

Hopefully, those tips will help everyone.