History of Elmer’s Chocolate: a Louisiana original


If you’re from Louisiana you most likely know of Heavenly Hash Eggs and Gold Brick Eggs. An Easter candy go to for many. Did you know though that these eggs made by Elmer Chocolate are actually a regional seller? If you leave the area and want that Heavnly Hash or Gold Brick, you’ll have to order it. The eggs are made in Ponchatoula, La. (the Northshore of New Orleans), where the Nelson family placed their main manufacturing facility.

The chocolate making all started way  in the year 1855 in New Orleans, when a pastry chef by the name of Christopher Henry Miller used his skills to form the Miller Candy Corporation. The company name later became Elmer-Miller when Miller’s son-in-law, Augustus joined the business. As of 1914, Elmer’s sons joined the ranks and the chocolate company and became what is now known as, Elmer Candy Corporation.

Eventually the company branched out of New Orleans and made their presence known national with more factories.

In the early 1960s a new partner joined the chocolate enterprise. His name was Roy Nelson. Nelson later purchased the entire Elmer family company in 1963. It is here where he changed the company’s focus to seasonal chocolates, instead of everyday candy and snacks.

This change has proven to be a good choice for the company. “Easter favorites Gold Brick, Heavenly Hash and Pecan Eggs outsell national leaders five to one along the Gulf Coast.”

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