Higgins challenges Biden to operate without any petroleum-based products


WASHINGTON, D.C. (KLFY) — Rep. Clay Higgins has issued a challenge to U.S. President Joe Biden and his administration to operate without using “any oil and gas energy or petroleum-based products.” 

Higgins, in a press release, said the resolution highlights the importance of the oil and gas industry to modern life, noting that:

  • The Biden administration’s energy policies jeopardize the well-being and security of the entire citizenry of the United States;
  • America’s petrochemical industry leads the world in efficient, clean, and safe operations;
  • Biden administration policies would move energy production to less-regulated foreign nations with horrible ecological records; and
  • Fossil fuel energy sources and petroleum-based products make modern life possible.

The resolution also calls on the Biden administration to prohibit the use of petroleum-based products on White House grounds, including but not limited to: cameras, microphones, mobile devices (phones and tablets), desktops, laptops, printers, coffee makers, plastic or laminated identification cards, ink pens, refrigerators, microwaves, ice cube trays, plastic drinking cups, cleaning products, surgical masks, plexiglass, trash and recycling bins, oil-based paintings, furniture, cosmetic products, soaps and toiletries, and clothing and shoes.

“There’s no such thing as a normal life as we know it without oil and gas energy product, and the petrochemical industry product,” Congressman Clay Higgins told News 10.

He said the purpose of House Bill 149 is to heighten the awareness among his colleges, the White House, and the country on just how dependent we are on the oil and gas industry, and what could happen if we abandon it.

He argued crude oil petroleum makes up more than most people who agree with the Green New Deal realize. “All your plastics, all the fibers in your clothes, every piece of your iPhone, all your equipment”, are made from petroleum Higgins said.

Last month, President Biden unveiled his goal of a 100% carbon-free energy sector by 2035. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, nearly half of U.S. energy-related carbon emissions are from petroleum use.

“We’re going to take money and invest it in clean jobs in America, millions of jobs in wind, solar, and carbon capture,” President Biden said January 27 before signing three climate-focused executive orders

Higgins’s response is, “I don’t care what you want to make. Solar panels require petrochemical product. Windmills require petrochemical product.” He asked, “Once you come to that realization that the world needs this, this is not going away, what are you going to go back to? Stones and wood?”

Higgins argues if the need for petrochemical products is growing, why let presidential policies move production and jobs outside the U.S. to less-regulated countries.

“Nobody wins this debate with us man ’cause it’s absurd to think otherwise. We need the oil and gas industry to produce the raw elements for the petrochemical industry which we need to produce the raw materials for everything in our world that we use every day. So where is it done in the most clean and efficient manner? The United States, so that’s where it needs to stay,” Higgins stated.

The entire resolution can be read here.

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