LOUISIANA (KLFY) — Health officials in Louisiana have reported a surge of COVID cases in the state between the end of May and early August.

According to reports, today’s recent COVID up-tick is the eighth surge since the pandemic started. Nurse practitioner, Mark Landry of the Minute Med Walk-In Medical Clinic on Ambassador Caffery Parkway confirmed seeing inquires of COVID walk through the door.

“A lot of people say it’s just my sinuses or just a sinus infection,” said Landry. “In essence COVID symptoms are just like sinus infection.”

State health officials suspect the recent number of COVID cases may be a bit higher given people are doing at home testing. In the past, people were standing in long lines to learn whether they had COVID. Now, some people are relying on personal experience with COVID to figure where they stand.

Some health professionals are keeping fingers crossed for an updated COVID-19 booster shot to put a bend in the recent surge in covid cases. Even in light of any vaccination controversy, Landry talks about being vaccinated and how it can help lessen the chance of infection or the severity of it.

“Like the flu, I have seasons where people get the flu vaccination and nobody gets the flu,” said Landry. “I have seasons where everyone gets the flu vaccination and everyone gets the flu.  I just kind of depends on your personal preference. We advise everyone to take every precaution that they can.”

A local medical provider told KLFY News 10 don’t ignore the symptoms.