LOUISIANA (KLFY) — In a press conference on Wednesday, Governor-elect Jeff Landry announced a transition team and his administration Medicaid plans.

During the transition meeting, Landry was asked if he plans to undo Medicaid expansion which was adopted by Governor Edwards. Landry said he plans to graduate people off Medicaid, and get them back into the private sector. 

“There’s no state that has gone through Medicaid expansion and has been able to roll it back,” said Landry. “What we want to do is focus on graduating people off of Medicaid so that they’re in the private sector, because you know what that means?  That means they are making more money, that means they are working and that means their families are a whole lot better off.”

According to the governor’s website, Louisiana was the first state in the Deep South to participate.

Landry announced a transition website and an application portal at the website oneteam.la The transition website is where people can get information about the governor-elect’s transition committees, see press releases, and share ideas.

“We want to make Louisiana the best place it can be, and this is only done with the input of everyone out there,” Landry said.

Landry also said an application portal has been set up for people to apply for a job within his administration and that’s regardless of political affiliation.  

“Our team must be comprised of great people around the state and elsewhere who want to come to Louisiana and want to join our administration because one of the things that we know is that we have some of the hardest working people here in this state,” Landry explained.

With only 35 more days to work with people in the state to get the administration up and running, Landry said they’ll pick up speed as the transition team is fully together.