Good Samaritans wade into crawfish pond to rescue drowning Shih Tzu


(KLFY) — When she was found, you could hardly tell she was a dog. Ida is a senior Shih Tzu who was found drowning in a crawfish pond and trapped in thick mud. She got a second chance thanks to good Samaritans and waders.

Ida’s road to recovery would be a long one, but thanks to Acadiana Animal Aid and the support Ida received via social media, she’s a brand new dog.

When her owners brought her to AAA, she was rushed in for emergency sedation to remove her mud-soaked mats of fur. Her initial exam revealed she had a grade 4 heart murmur, a missing eye (with the remaining one showing signs of poor vision and corneal scarring), severe dental disease, an umbilical hernia, and dermatitis lesions.

She was so muddy we didn’t even know if she was a dog. You couldn’t see her eyes and she was barely moving.

Ida’s rescuers

Support for Ida’s recovery came flooding in through social media. AAA posted her story, and they said the response she got was overwhelming.

Ida went through the necessary dental procedures, surgery for hernia repair, and had her remaining eye removed. But over time, her personality started shining through because of how much better she felt.

After going through a few different foster homes, Ida ended up with a furever home, with AAA’s own adoption coordinator Taylor Fontenot.

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