LOUISIANA (KLFY)– Recently News Ten’s Sylvia Masters spoke with Louisiana First Lady Donna Edwards and spoke about a major, highly overlooked problem in Louisiana: human trafficking.

First Lady Edwards says the number of victims being rescued from trafficking has increased due to education in certain jobs. Police are now trained to ask appropriate questions when picking up juvenile delinquents or people arrested for prostitution. Hospitality workers are also trained to identify what trafficking looks like.

Edwards has an initiative to continue combating human trafficking. She wants to emphasize that human trafficking is real in Louisiana.

Recognize the signs

Educate others

Act immediately & tell someone

Listen & support victims

Several agencies across Louisiana are involved in the effort. There are decals and signs posted in airports and other public restroom stalls with phone numbers to hotlines equipped to help victims get out. There is also a website specifically designed to provide more information and help to those in need.