(KLFY) LOCKPORT, La — Residents in Southeast Louisiana are still in need of essential items like a hot meal and money to buy groceries. People want to give after a disaster but don’t know where to donate. Several people have taken it upon themselves to help their neighbors through a donation initiative called Feed and Fund Lafourche. 

“We didn’t know where to give our money so he said let’s do it ourselves because we can ensure that the money is spent appropriately and for the folks that need it,” says Lindsay Lasseigne. 

Lasseigne and Gary Birdsall Junior are from the Lockport/Cut Off area, it’s just one area down the bayou that is still in need of help after hurricane Ida. 

“A couple of people volunteered and stepped up. We didn’t know how to help, but a bunch of people started offering us money. Volunteers came out of the woodwork. We thought 500 meals, that turned into 1000, which turned into 2000 meals after about 38 hours. It all just found a place like it was meant to be,” Birdsall said.  

Through donations Feed and Fund Lafourche was born, they are working closely with Bless Your Heart, a 501(c)(3) organization in Larose. The group raised enough money to feed 2000 people and give each car that passed a gift card to buy groceries.

“For the event, we all questioned, are people going to show up, are we doing the right thing, are we spending the money in the right way. Because at the end of the day this is all given to us and we’re the responsible people for other peoples money to do good. We wanted to make sure that every penny went to people who needed it. When we got here in this parking lot and started cooking at seven in the morning the first cars already started lining up. It was immediate knowledge that we were in the right place doing the right thing for people that truly needed it needed it,”says Lasseigne.