LOUISIANA (KLFY) As family, friends and teammates continue to mourn the loss of star basketball player and Louisiana native Everette Jackson, the circumstances surrounding his death still remains a mystery, his family says.

Jackson went missing June 11 after a witness reported seeing him fall from a tube, going underwater and not resurfacing on the Payette River in Emmett, Idaho.

His body was found later in the week 2 miles downriver from where reports say he fell.

Meagan Jackson spoke with News 10 today.

She says losing her brother was hard enough, but not knowing what led to his death is even harder.

“We just want the truth. We went out there thinking it was just a water or river accident, but when we got out there all the different stories and the way we were treated it just didn’t add up.”

She says their questions began to form when the stories from witnesses all sounded different and the police didn’t allow the family to see the location where Everette’s body was found.

“They told us it was nothing to be investigated, they closed the case and called it a drowning. But all of the questions are still there, different things and changes of the stories never got questioned by any law enforcement, so it was just a drowning and closed case. That’s the first and last update that we got.”

Jackson hopes law enforcement and investigators can continue to look at the case and interview witnesses from the scene so her mother can finally get closure in knowing what happened to her son.

“Having to live with losing a child is already the worst thing you can possibly go through. But not knowing exactly what happened to him, I know that hurts her. So it would just mean everything to just get the truth, that’s all we want is the truth.”