All subjects are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Officers of the Monroe Police Department were informed on September 17, 2023, that a male victim was allegedly shot in the right side of his back by his wife’s brothers and 28-year-old Matthew Higgins was identified as one of the brothers. According to police, they were advised that Higgins and another unknown brother approached the victim in the street.

Police were told that Higgins told the victim, “Don’t put your hands on my sister again.” During the altercation, the victim allegedly heard one of the brothers say, “Get the gun” and the victim attempted to flee the scene. Although Higgins was allegedly seen with the gun, Higgins was not seen shooting the gun.

Police recovered approximately 7 spent 9mm casings at the scene. Higgins’ brother was described as slightly taller than Higgins and had twisties in his hair. According to police, they learned that the suspects fled the scene in a U-Haul truck after the alleged shooting.

The truck was located by authorities on Preston Loop. Authorities made contact with Higgins at a residence on Stacy Drive.

Higgins and several juveniles exited the residence, and police observed the unknown brother who was allegedly present during the shooting. Both suspects were then tested for gunshot residue.

According to police, Higgins’ brother tested positive for gunshot residue and Higgins tested negative. Higgins was arrested and charged with Aggravated Second-Degree Battery.