COCODRIE, La (KLFY) — Families and volunteers searching for the seven missing crewmen from the Seacor Power are calling upon government officials to do more in search efforts.

Sixteen days after the Seacor Power capsized in the gulf, and seven crewmen remain missing, hundreds of volunteers continue gathering to search for the men; they are also calling upon government officials to do more to bring closure to the families.

Ronnie Adams, cast member of Swamp People, has remained active in the search over the last two weeks.

“It’s a sad situation, these families are hurting,” Adams said. “This is just one of seven. You got six other ones that don’t have the capability of being here.”

“Toughness don’t mean crap when it comes to your heart,” Adams said. “We’re doing what we gotta do to help these families.”

Jason Lantier, a volunteer in today’s search, believes that the government could do much more to help.

“Our government has resources on everything, they fly people to the moon,” Lantier said. “They’re leaving the little man behind here.”

Nothing further has been found today, but search crews and volunteers will continue to search.