LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) Entergy recommends keeping your home thermostats set at 78 degrees or higher for the best cost efficiency.

David Freese, Senior Communications Specialist, says it’s in fact the biggest tip they are able to provide during the summer heat.

“We do want our customers to understand that every degree below 78 can potentially add 3% to your bill.”

He said the three main factors for the increase in bills this year are natural gas cost, electricity usage, and storm recovery cost.

“It’s important to know that Entergy doesn’t profit from fuel adjustment, the natural gas prices going up, or the storm recovery cost.”

Rachel Martin, who has been a customer with Entergy for over three years, said her bill has been causing her a lot of stress.

“You know these are things we have to have and especially in Louisiana when it’s 115 degrees outside and they want to charge you $300-400 dollars for simple basic human things that you need.”

She added: “It’s frustrating for me to have to not pay my bill on time because they just jacked it up so much.”

Slemco Communication Coordinator Mary Laurent says she had to readjust her lifestyle.

“I had to retrain myself to become more accustomed to a warmer temperature in the home just because I’m not going to choose to pay the extra money.”

“It’s a customer choice because I have some people willing to pay the extra, and then you have other people that are not willing.”

Some additional ways to reduce your cost are closing vents in rooms, using fans, keeping blinds closed, and having curtains up in rooms.

Both companies encourage customers to contact their respective customer service departments for assistance.