NEW ORLEANS, La. (KLFY) – As higher than usual temperatures drive more and more energy use, Entergy said it is implementing measures to help customers experiencing high energy costs, according to a press release earlier today.

Over the last few weeks, residents in Lafayette Parish, surrounding areas, and Lousiana as a whole have been worried about high utility bills.

To ease the pain of high energy bills, Entergy said it will implement the following measures:

  • Committing $10 million in shareholder donations applied to all Entergy utilities for bill payment assistance programs
  • Waiving late payment fees for eligible residential customers
  • Waiving credit card payment fees for all residential customers
  • Organizing employee volunteers to conduct energy efficiency and weatherization events in select neighborhoods

“We understand the economic challenges our customers and communities are currently facing,” said Entergy
Chief Customer Officer David Ellis. “We also recognize we’re responsible for something greater than just powering homes and businesses every day. After all, we’ve been members of our community for more than 100 years. We are doing more to help our customers through these challenging economic times.”

Entergy Senior Communications Officer David Freese also recommended setting thermostats to 78 degrees because “every degree below 78 can potentially add 3% to your bill.”

Rachel Martin, who has been a customer with Entergy for over three years, said her bill has been causing her a lot of stress.

“You know these are things we have to have and especially in Louisiana when it’s 115 degrees outside and they want to charge you $300-400 dollars for simple basic human things that you need,” said Martin. “She added: “It’s frustrating for me to have to not pay my bill on time because they just jacked it up so much.”

In addition to these new measures, Entergy said it is working on additional customer solutions, along with enhanced investments in energy efficiency in a way to find creative solutions that provide relief to their customers.

For more information on these measures visit the Entergy website.