BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – A Baton Rouge couple has been arrested for their alleged roles in the death of their eight-week-old son. 

According to detectives with the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office (EBRSO), Analise B. Noehl and John F. Noehl were arrested for murder Wednesday. 

Arrest documents say it was Tuesday, May 24 when their baby was rushed to a local hospital, unresponsive and in critical condition. 

Medical staff said the infant was suffering from a skull fracture, internal bleeding, fixed pupils, intracranial hemorrhaging, rib fractures, and visible bruising on his back. 

Physicians added that the baby’s injuries were likely sustained 14-18 days prior to Tuesday.

The child passed away from his injuries three days later, on Friday, May 27. 

In attempting to explain the events that led up to the baby’s death, the Noehls told authorities that on Tuesday, the infant’s father, John, fed the baby and then left him in a portable bouncing rocker while he briefly went outside. 

John claimed that when he came back into the room the infant was wheezing and gasping for air before becoming unresponsive. 

John went on to tell detectives he administered CPR until Emergency Medical Services arrived.   

The couple added that the baby’s mother, Analise, was asleep while this was happening and John eventually woke her up to alert her to the situation. 

Detectives say the couple claimed the baby fell out of his portable bouncing rocker about three or four weeks before the incident, but that he was not medically treated for the fall. 

According to arrest documents, physicians who evaluated the child said his injuries were not consistent with this account, but that the wounds occurred due to “non-accidental trauma.”

A pathologist who examined the baby confirmed that his manner of death was the result of a homicide. 

The Noehls were arrested on one charge of first-degree murder each and booked into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison.