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OUACHITA PARISH (KTVE/KARD) — On January 11, 2023, the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office investigated a violent sex crime that occurred on Cain Road in West Monroe, La. Upon arrival, the victim fled to deputies while 25-year-old Erin Hicks fled on from the scene on foot.

According to investigators, they discovered that Hicks was picked up by someone in a car and the victim’s cell phone was pinging in Monroe, La. Deputies were informed that 25-year-old Gregory A. Jackson Jr. drives a car that is similar to the vehicle’s description.

Erin D. Hicks

Authorities arrived at Jackson’s residence on Hollywood Drive in Monroe, La., and learned that Jackson just left the home. Moments later, deputies noticed Jackson’s cell phone pinging in the Cheniere-Drew area on Cain Road. Deputies became concerned that Jackson was transporting Hicks back to his vehicle.

Deputies learned that Hicks left his vehicle and keys at the residence on Cain Road prior to fleeing the scene. Hicks and Jackson were eventually found by authorities in the parking lot of New Chapel Hill Baptist Church.

Jackson denied any involvement in the incident. The duo was placed under arrested and Jackson was charged with Obstruction of Justice.

Hicks was charged with three counts of Domestic Abuse Battery, Simple Criminal Damage to Property, Aggravated Battery, and Attempted Second-Degree Murder. Hicks’ bond was set at $308,000.