(KLFY) — With the biggest crawfish-consuming weekend of the year coming up, prices remain low, according to Laney King, Co-Founder of The Crawfish App mobile app.

King said prices traditionally rise leading up to Good Friday and Easter crawfish boils, but this year will be an exception.

“The good news of crawfish season 2023 keeps coming,” King said. “Crawfish prices held this week with NO increase. On average, you can find boiled crawfish priced around $4.75/lb. in Louisiana and live field-run crawfish around $2.59/lb.”

There are plenty of deals to be found for much cheaper, King said, as retailers price their crawfish competitively in an effort to maximize sales this weekend. 

“For a sack of medium-sized crawfish you’re looking to spend around $60-$75/sack,” King said.  “If you prefer to purchase large sized crawfish, you’re going to spend a little more per sack, likely around $90 for a 30 lb. sack.”

According to crawfish pricing data compiled from over 1,650 vendors on The Crawfish App, and analyzed over the past four years, crawfish prices are 25% lower this Easter weekend compared to Easter weekend 2022.

“Last Easter consumers were paying, on average, $3.25/lb. for straight run live crawfish, whereas this year we’re averaging around $2.59/lb for the same size crawfish,” King said. “Supply is high, the price and size are right, and this will be an epic weekend for crawfish sales. Getting your sacks reserved ASAP is more important than ever this year.”