COVID-19’s impact on travel plans surge close to home trips


(CBS News) Summer vacation during the pandemic is being done almost exclusively by car. People like the Field family of New York stick close to home this year; they rented a lack house in New Jersey.

Summer vacation during the pandemic is being done almost exclusively by car as people like the field family stick closer to home this year.

They rented a lake house in new jersey about an hour away.

“This was an opportunity where we could monitor the weather and actually see friends responsibly and invite them over and barbecue.”

“Right now, travelers’ not comfortable getting in airplanes. they’re not comfortable crossing borders. they’re not comfortable going, a really long distance.”

Chesky says airbnb is one of the few travel businesses seeing growth.

While international bookings remain down, domestic bookings-especially within 300 miles of home-are up over 2019.

What’s going to happen is people are going to discover their local communities and so there’s going to be a total redistribution of travel and this is gonna have a way of leveling the playing field where more communities can participate and travel.

Do you think people are going to just cross Paris and London and Italy off the bucket list and instead go to a national park?

“No, no, I think it will be just diversified.”

Triple-A expects Americans to take about 700 million trips this summer, down 15% from last year.

We’re seeing regional and local trips and a lot of those trips happening over long weekends or just a weekend trip.

And it’s going to be to places where they can social distance mostly.

Major hotel chains like marriot rolled out new cleaning procedures nationwide including these disinfecting foggers.

Airbnb says it teamed with a former surgeon general to raise its cleaning standards.

How do you guarantee that someone is cleaning their rental house sufficiently?

We designed an enhanced cleaning protocol// ((15:52:29 )) and then we have a review system where we ask the guest about whether they followed a variety of protocols and whether or not the place was as clean as possible.

Another choice for those looking to just getaway.

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