(KLFY) – A Louisiana civil rights organization is speaking out after five Louisiana law enforcement officers were indicted this week for state crimes in the deadly 2019 arrest of 49-year-old Ronald Greene.

Four Louisiana State Police troopers and a Union Parish sheriff’s deputy were indicted on multiple charges, including negligent homicide, malfeasance in office and obstruction of justice.

These indictments come over three years after Greene, a Black man, died in police custody.

In May of 2019, Greene led the officers on a high-speed chase that ended in Union Parish when Greene crashed. State Police initially told Greene’s family he died in that crash, but leaked body camera video later revealed that wasn’t true.

Body camera video shows the officers dragging Greene out of his vehicle, tasing him and beating him.

“It’s important I think to consider that this was a Black man. If there was a video of a bunch of black men beating a white man to death, I think the outcome probably would have been very different,” Meghan Matt, a staff attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Louisiana, said.

While the officers were indicted by a grand jury, one on a charge of negligent homicide, Matt told News 10 that it’s not enough. Only two of the five officers involved have been placed on administrative leave.

“We are strongly urging the Louisiana State Police to terminate these officers and to decertify them immediately so that they cannot continue to brutalize the people or Louisiana or anywhere else,” she added.

While Greene’s family wanted all officers charged with manslaughter, Matt said that the indictments are a victory. It’s also a historic day for Louisiana.

“We have seen it in Texas. We have seen it in Minnesota. We have seen it in other places, but here in Louisiana, we have not seen officers get indicted when they murder people,” she told News 10.

“Now we know that officers can be indicted on charges like this, and as we build these steps, we hope that eventually, officers are given the same level of accountability as the everyday citizens of Louisiana and when they behave in these ways, that they are held accountable at the same level.”

Matt said that this is the first step in a long march toward justice. Just a few weeks ago, the ACLU filed a new case against Louisiana State Police for shooting a Black man 24 times in Jefferson Parish and killing him.