LOUISIANA (KLFY)— The Attorney General’s Office is trying to provide some peace of mind for Louisiana parents by providing free Child I.D. kits.

In the United States, a child goes missing every 40 seconds.

The Attorney General’s Office has partnered with the Louisiana Sheriff’s Association to help decrease the number of cases by providing child I.D. kits to parents of children from kindergarten to fifth grade.

“These kits are basically designed for parents to work with their children where they identify the kids,” AG Jeff Landry said.

“You put down all kinds of markers inside the kit.”

Each kit includes an inkless finger printing kit, a D.N.A. sample collection, physical identification information like scars or birthmarks, and a recent photo of the child.

“We have enough kits funded to basically have (one) for each child from kindergarten through fifth grade,” Landry said.

The information, he said, will not be put into a database rather the kits will be held by the parents of each child to hold in the case of an emergency like a kidnapping or one goes missing.

“90 percent of the questions that law enforcement is going to ask you about you child incase something like that happens is contained in this kit. We don’t want parents to have to think about those things. We want that information, so we can go out and safely locate a child when they go missing and bring them back to their parents.”

Contact your child’s school or your local sheriff’s office to receive a kit.