(KLFY) — In 2020, a bill was proposed to the Louisiana State Legislature to allow for the installation of video cameras in special education classrooms all over the state.

In the most recent state legislative meeting, Act 588 was passed providing funding to all school districts in the state from the Department of Education to allow for the installment of the cameras.

Iberia Parish Superintendent Heath Hulin told News 10 that all school districts were mandated to adopt this policy “as part of Act 588 for the procedures of how the request would be laid out and how those cameras would be installed.”

Certain criteria must be met in order to have the cameras put in specific classrooms.

“More than 50% of the kids in that classroom [must] receive special services,” Hulin said. “There would be a request process for parents to request a camera to be installed for a legitimate reason that would be approved by the school board.”

The cameras would roll 24/7, but the footage will only be reviewed by the superintendent in light of any situation that may need further investigation.

“It is not footage for the public to see. It is the superintendent’s responsibility to go back and look at that footage in order to investigate a claim that might be made,” Hulin said.

Safety is a priority in all schools and this move may ensure students can remain protected.