BOGALUSA, La. (WGNO) — It’s a beautiful creek-side oasis in Bogalusa. There’s 25 acres ready for visitors to explore, and more than twice that number waiting to be transformed.

“Cassidy Park is really a gem in the community. During my tenure as Parks Director for the City of Bogalusa, it would be a dream of mine to have Cassidy Park become more akin to City Park in New Orleans. We have a lot of acreage that’s undeveloped at the moment and I think that we could really just make it into something excellent,” said Christopher.

There are pieces from the past, and a whimsical piece of modern art — a snake made of painted stones that you can add to.

Beat the heat at the splash park or soak up the sunshine and grab some lunch.

Brown’s Soul Kitchen is open Tuesday through Friday, and if you want some amazing home-cooked meals or a frozen lemonade, this is where you get it, right here at Cassidy Park.

If you’re hungry for history, you won’t be disappointed either.

On this very spot in 1906, the great southern lumber company pitched a colony of tents, and it marked the birthplace of the city of Bogalusa.

And the park is still evolving. A new teen lounge is nearly complete.

“Which will feature a lot of new and innovative technology and outlets for our youth,” said Christopher.

Everything from holiday celebrations to free community fitness classes happen on this main stage. And of course, the annual Bogalusa Blues and Heritage Festival takes over Cassidy Park for a weekend each September.

The rest of the year, you’ll still find perfect harmony for hiking, historic adventures, or simply some old-fashioned fun.