LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Senator Bill Cassidy visited Lafayette on Monday to discuss new plans in place that will hopefully benefit the state of Louisiana. One of those topics was the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

Among the many things on the to-do list to help bring the state of Louisiana to its next level.
Senator Bill Cassidy says the bipartisan infrastructure bill will help meet the needs of Louisiana residents.

Senator Cassidy explained, “1-49 South finally has the dollars to be completed. For those who’ve been affected by flooding, in the infrastructure bill, there are billions to help. For those living on the coastline, there are billions to help with coastal restoration.”

Another upside to the infrastructure bill is the allocation of billions of dollars for affordable high-speed broadband internet. Senator Cassidy says it’s already positively impacting communities.

“You give them connection and they will start to move back. They’ve gone from worst to best with the grant they’ve already received they went from third-worst in the nation to being the best,” said Senator Cassidy when speaking of Evangeline Parish, which received a grant for affordable broadband internet access.

Senator Cassidy says he wants the same outcome for the entire state.