NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— We’ve all seen cars with those “Baby On Board” stickers, but now a local woman has come out with a new version to bring awareness to carjackings that read: “Don’t Carjack me, Kids Inside.”

Carjacking after carjacking is alarming to everyone in New Orleans especially parents like Gabriela Barnetzer, a mother of four kids.

“It would be extremely terrifying. My brain has gone what would I do? Literally to get my kids in and out of their car seats takes me a long time and I can’t imagine having to do that in a carjacking situation with guns pointed at us,” she said.

Shocked by all the carjackings and not wanting to stay silent, Gabriela created these car magnets.

“They say, Don’t Carjack me, kids inside, the craziness of what’s actually going on, having to put that on a magnet, the magnitude of this. I don’t know if it would change anyone’s mind, but I’m letting them know there are kids inside,” she said.

Now the magnets are sending a powerful message to not only carjackers, but to the community that something must change.

“I’m not in a position of power. I’m not a politician, just a mom. I feel the issue is much greater than just arresting kids and throwing them in jail,” she said.

Gabriela initially made 10 magnets for her and her friends, but others reached out asking for some, so she’s printing more and selling them.

“It is either make a magnet or stay silent. I just felt like I had to do something. If even one kid has to stop and say, this is not what I want to do,” she said.

Gabriela will be selling these magnets for ten dollars. Reach out to her on social media if you’d like one. You can find her on Instagram.

Her profits will go to helping kids in underserved neighborhoods in hopes of stopping the cycle of kids getting into a life of crime.