CALDWELL PARISH, La. (KTVE/KARD) –The search for missing 21-year-old Elisha Jonah Barrow continues. He was last seen on Louisiana Highway 846 South on August 26th.

Local deputies and his mother, Anne Marie Barrow-Ortiz, from California, are still hopeful he is alive, but they’re asking for the public’s help.

“I love you and I will find you, and I won’t give up on you. But, I’m going to do everything I can to find you,” said Elisha’s mother, Anne Marie Barrow-Ortiz.

Barrow-Ortiz is desperate for answers. She tells KTVE Elisha moved to Winn Parish from California about two months ago, and doesn’t know his way around Northeast Louisiana. The morning of his disappearance, he went for a walk heading towards Monroe, and hasn’t been seen since.

“We are calling and texting and I can see his location, and I’m like where are you going and what are you doing. What’s going on? And there was no response,” said Barrow-Ortiz.

Elisha was picked up by Winn Parish deputies who dropped him off at the Caldwell Parish line. Caldwell parish deputies then tried to find him, but didn’t see him. They have since learned he was asking people for water on Louisiana Highway 846 South.

“We have a one half mile area where he was last seen, and then not seen again. Only one kind of a road that is any possibility anyone would walk down,” said Barrow-Ortiz.

His mother says her son is mentally unstable, which makes him even more vulnerable.

“Mental health is health. He was hesitant to get help.”

She also says she plans to travel to Louisiana from California to search for her son.

“I would ask if there is any searching team that would help me to devise a plan. I want to get to Louisiana to be there and look myself for my baby.”

Both the Winn Parish Sheriff’s Office and the Caldwell Parish Sheriff’s Office are working together on this case.

Investigators told KTVE they have asked for a search warrant for Elijah’s phone. In the meantime, if you see him, you are asked to call your local authorities.