LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry celebrated the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe. v. Wade at the Cajundome Convention Center Friday, saying it’s a great day for the Pelican state.

Landry, who has consistently advocated against abortions, applauded the high court’s decision, adding that change is coming to Louisiana. “What’s important to note is that almost 50 years ago, the court actually got it wrong. Today they got it right,” Landry Said.

His speech drew many cheers from those in attendance, as he said the Supreme Court’s decision is an opportunity for the state to rejoice. “For those of you who live in Louisiana, it’s actually such a great day. Today Louisiana leads because Louisiana is one of the few states with the most pro-life laws on the books,” Landry said.

Trigger laws are now immediately going into effect in Louisiana to effectively ban abortions. “The opportunity today is for other states to be able to take Louisiana as a template in order to protest the unborn,” the attorney general added. He also noted that his office will be taking immediate legal action against any obstacles in the way of enforcing these laws. “I know there are many questions out there. We are getting tons of texts and requests as to what exactly is going to happen next. Here’s what I’ll tell you. We intend to enforce the laws that are on the books,” he said.

When Landry was asked what his response was to people who wished to overturn Louisiana’s abortion ban, he replied, “Suit up. I would tell you that if you’re in Louisiana, you’re in for a rough fight,” he added.

American politician and neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson also spoke at the Cajundome Friday. He says America now needs to focus on providing assistance to new mothers and making adoptions in America easier and less expensive.