BATON ROUGE, La. (KLFY) – Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry is calling on Apple and Google to change their age ratings of TikTok in their respective app stores.

Letters to Apple CEO Tim Cook and Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Attorney General Landry and 14 of his colleagues outlined that the current ratings for the social media application are of “deceptive nature”. Landry also states that without rating corrections, the states reserve the right to take legal action against the companies for misrepresenting TikTok.

“Our children are our State’s greatest resources, and I will continue doing everything I can to keep them safe,” said Attorney General Landry. “While our investigation into TikTok continues, the evidence uncovered so far shows that the platform is not safe for minors.”

The current ratings are “T” for “Teen” in the Google Play App store and “12+” in Apple’s App Store. While TikTok does have a “restricted mode” available, many of its users are under 13 and have lied about their age in order to create a profile on its platform. “TikTok may be the most dangerous social media platform for children and engages in a race to the bottom to ensure teens become addicted and loyal to the brand,” explained Attorney General Landry. “TikTok abuses our internet freedoms to stunt our children socially through 24/7 viral content filled with sex, drugs, alcohol, and illegal conduct.”

The TikTok app can contain intense alcohol, tobacco, and drug use or references, sexual content, profanity, and mature/suggestive themes. TikTok users can search for hashtags related to these topics.

“Parents depend on the accuracy of age ratings,” wrote the attorneys general. “When parents are deceived into letting their kids download TikTok, there are real consequences. Exposure to drug, alcohol, and tobacco content on social media makes kids more likely to use or experiment with those illicit substances in real life. And exposure to sexual content on TikTok can lead to pornography addiction and even the sexual exploitation of kids by online predators.”