A huge rattlesnake killed in Louisiana is causing a social media debate


(KSLA) – A Bienville Parish man reportedly killed a HUGE rattlesnake Tuesday morning.

Now social media is abuzz, particularly about whether it really measures more than 6 feet long.

The Southern Loggers Cooperative reports that Saline resident Greg Williams killed the snake while clearing a logging set near the Webster Parish village of Dubberly.

A cellphone photograph shows Williams, who is a member of the cooperative’s board, holding the snake.

The Pineville-based forestry and agriculture cooperative boasts more than 2,900 members and says its aim is to give loggers, truckers, farmers and ranchers real bargaining power when buying equipment, supplies and services.

Among rattlesnakes the Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries Department says are common in the state are …

  • the Canebrake Rattlesnake, which can be 25 inches to almost 6 feet long,
  • the Eastern Diamonback rattlesnake, which can be 25 inches to 7.5 feet long, and,
  • the Pygmy Rattlesnake, which as alluded to by its name, grows to only 10-20 inches long.

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