MADISON, Miss. (KLFY) — Four women from Baton Rouge have been arrested after allegedly stealing more than $17K worth of merchandise from Best Buy and Ulta in Madison, Mississippi.

It happened on Dec. 7, according to Madison Police, when officers were called to a local shopping area regarding two women seen concealing items.

While police were in the store, they noticed another pair of women allegedly leaving Best Buy with stolen items and heading to their vehicle in the parking lot. Both women were then seen going into Ulta where they stole more merchandise, police said.

The women were pulled over after attempting to flee the area with over $1K in merchandise from Best Buy and Ulta Beauty.

MPD: (Top, Dimecia Williams) (Bottom, L to R, Lakota Edwards, Mikiara Williams and Rachelle Bindon)

While at the traffic stop, police say, two other women left Best Buy concealing a large quantity of merchandise in the trunk of a vehicle in the parking lot.

They were also detained by police who recovered several items worth $1K.

The thieves have been identified as Mikiara Williams of Baton Rouge, Dimecia Williams of Baton Rouge, Lakota Edwards of Baton Rouge and Rachelle Bindon of Baton Rouge.

Each has a bond of $150,000, except for Binton who has a $75,000 bond.

Police say they recovered a total of $17,129 in merchandise and returned all of the items to the stores.