This in an archive story from previous Lone Star NYE! broadcasts. Be sure to tune into Lone Star NYE Live! on December 31 as we count down to the end of 2021 — and say “hello” to 2022!

DALLAS (NEXSTAR) — Even though New Year’s Eve celebrations will look different this year, Lone Star NYE will still be offering plenty of entertainment for those ringing in the new year at home.

The 2021 show will feature musical performances from native Texas band, The Eli Young Band. To ensure all COVID-19 precaution protocols could be followed, the performances were pre-taped with no live audience.

“I think we’re a little uneasy about playing to a big empty room on New Year’s Eve, but at the same time, 2020 is one of those years that you got to expect the unexpected,” lead vocalist Mike Eli said, “We have been really used to playing in front of an audience and having that intimacy with the crowd.”

But, the band is still looking forward to taking to the stage again for the NYE performance, after a year with a few unconventional performances.

“We even played, like, a parking lot full of cars. So we missed being on like, a real stage with like, real lights. So there’s so many elements here that we haven’t had all year, I think it’s gonna be, it’s gonna feel comfortable,” guitarist Jon Jones said ahead of the performance.

The band is looking forward to helping fans across the Lone Star state ring in the new year, while staying safe.

“We usually are not like this, you know. We’d be backstage — you’d have friends and family and it’d be, you know, a ton of people back here,” lead guitarist James Young explained.

“But not this year,” drummer Chris Thompson added.

“We’re so happy there’s, like, a light at the end of the tunnel. And, we’re hoping we can be a little bit of entertainment tonight. We can, you know, make it through this New Year’s Eve,” Jones said.

The band has been taking the risks of COVID-19 as seriously as they can, even before this performance.

“Just really trying to live responsibility so that when we do get together, and we do get to play shows, we’re not putting each other in danger, as well as our crew,” Eli said.

That’s not only for the safety of their crew and fans, but of their own families, too.

“For the most part, like, we’ve just been, like, furrowing at home,” Jones explained each band member has a family of their own now.

“We don’t have any kids that are old enough to stay up till midnight yet,” Jones joked, but said their families will tune into the NYE special to see their dads perform the next day.