Youngsville Police Chief responds to viral Facebook post on oversharing; ‘My job is to protect, but also educate’


YOUNGSVILLE, La. (KLFY) The Police Chief of Youngsville is warning people not to post personal information on social media.  

Chief Rickey Boudreaux posted the warning on the department’s Facebook page.

The chief calls his post an analogy.

In short, it starts with a guy who sends you a friend request. You check his profile and see he has a wife and kids. Meanwhile, the mystery guy whose request you accepted saved that photo you posted of your daughter. He’s texting it to 60 other grown men across the world with the caption – American female, age 8, brown hair, blue eyes.

After her first day of school, little do you know your precious baby girl was sold to a 43-year-old pedophile.

The chief says he never claimed to be politically correct.

“Am I always a hundred percent correct in what I do?  Absolutely not. I’m human as much as the next person. Maybe that was kind of hard but you know I think it opened a lot of eyes,” the chief said.

It opened the door for a lot of comments.

“Oh stop it Youngsville Police Department! The schools themselves post pictures of their students on public Facebook pages! Stop the madness!”

Chief Boudreaux explained  that people will get on Snapchap and send naked pictures or send “scantly clothed pictures.” 

“I don’t think people realize how much of their personal life and personal business is out there.  It makes them, their family and their friends a target,” the chief stated.

Here are other comments:   “Best advice ever”, “So scary”, “100 percent”

Chief Boudreaux says part of his job is to protect but also to educate.

“My job is to educate people to help protect themselves.  Although it’s my job to protect them, I think education is part of that protection.  I think this is something that needed to be shared,” Boudreaux added.

As for the naysayers: “What was most important to me is that the people in my town thought it was great and they actually thanked me for doing it.   The ones that care not to like it; why don’t you save your comments and just not read the deal.”

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