Youngsville neighborhood sees spike in vehicle break-ins


YOUNGSVILLE, La. (KLFY)- As the temperatures continue to fall, the number of car break-ins is on the rise law enforcement officials say.

For one small subdivision in Youngsville, they’ve become the recent target of criminals. Police say at least eight cars were broken into late at night on Jan. 10, 2021.

Now, police are reminding people to lock their car doors and not to leave anything valuable inside.

One Youngsville resident said the criminals who broke into her boyfriends car, “weren’t very smart.” Emilee Aycock said “They should have checked to see if the door was unlocked first.”

The window to the car was smashed in, however, Aycock said there wasn’t anything in there to even steal.

Aycocks’ neighbor Kevon Chavis, recently moved here after his home was destroyed after Hurricane Laura. Now, he says he has another thing to worry about, his car being broken into. “It’s 2021, I’m not entirely surprised with what’s happening nowadays,” he said.

“I try not to leave anything in there, just in case something like this were to happen. But I try to lock my car every time,” Chavis said.

The Youngsville Police Department says they are currently investigating the situation. Several cameras captured the criminals in the act according to both residents and the police department.

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