She’s a woman who has impacted Acadiana in more ways than one. 

Originally from Lake Charles, she moved to Lafayette at the age of 23 with her husband. 

She was a Loyola University New Orleans graduate and an associate producer for three years at WDSU. 

“I applied for a job at Channel 10, and they didn’t have any producer job opening, but they had a reporter job opening and the news director at the time Jim Baronet said, ‘Well, you can report, can’t you?’ And I said ‘Oh, absolutely, sure,’” said Rolfes, who is now Director of Communications for the Diocese of Lafayette. 

Little did she know, that reporter position would be the start of her long career at KLFY. 

A year and a half later, she started anchoring “Meet Your Neighbor.”

 “I’d always kind of been a person to just be on the sidelines and have everybody else be in the spotlight. I was fine with that, and anchoring was never really a vanity project for me,” Rolfes said.

Blue said KLFY was so generous to her. 

She was able to travel to several locations around the world. 

“If there was a bucket list of things to cover… I got to do it. Channel 10 sent me to Japan and sent me to Canada. It was absolutely wonderful. I got to travel all over. I got to go to mass with the Pope in St. Louis, as a matter of fact,” she says. 

After 38 years at KLFY, Blue made the transition to the Diocese of Lafayette.  

She worked with Bishop Deshotel, helping Acadiana recover from the flood of 2016. She says working hand in hand, they got to be friends. 

“He said he had wanted to put together a communications office based on the one he had worked with in Dallas. He said, ‘How would you like to change your life?’ I said, ‘Well, I just figured that I kind of die here at Channel 10. I’ve been here for so long.’” 

Blue says she prayed about it before accepting the bishop’s offer. 

“I thought that I was going to really miss it because when you get in your car and drive to the exact same location for 38 straight years… am I going to know not to just automatically go to the station and I think it just sort of reinforced my feeling that I was making the right move because it just felt natural”, she says. 

Working at KLFY and as a broadcaster, she was unable to showcase her faith. 

She says a broadcaster’s job is to be the medium and to deliver a story to the viewer while your personal biases can’t get in the way. 

“It’s really nice to be able to embrace that because that’s always been such a big part of who I was. My faith and my spirituality have always been such a big part of that, but I had to not let that show for so long,” she says. 

From one rookie reporter like myself to a veteran anchor, Blue has shown me that women can succeed in broadcasting and other leadership roles. 

“It was always such a gift and a blessing. I always wanted people to know that I always felt like it was such a wonderful gift to be able to be a reporter and to be allowed into people’s homes at night or during the day to share what was going on in the world with them, and that’s something I’ll always be grateful for the rest of my life.” 

Wondering how she got her name? She was the only child out of her four other siblings, parents, and grandparents to have been born with blue eyes.