(KLFY)- A Lafayette woman is out on bond after she was arrested in front of Mayor-President Josh Guillory’s home.

Tara Laxey says, “I was told I was being arrested. It was for good trouble and good communication.”

Tara Laxey is facing charges after she was arrested in front of Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory’s home.

Saturday, Laxey allegedly set up a bar-b-que pit in front of his house.

“I would not call it a protest. I would call it reaching out. He is uncomfortable in our neighborhood. I decided to meet him where he is comfortable,” explains Laxey.

This was her effort; Laxey says to meet Guillory in the middle for open dialogue surrounding the unrest after the death of Trayford Pellerin.

“No matter the skin color or his past, no one is perfect. This could be your son. You would want transparency,” adds Laxey.

Mayor-President Guillory responded to Laxey’s actions.

Guillory says, “My family felt civil unrest. Members from the community came to my house. My wife and children had to witness that. Our community will not tolerate civil unrest.”

Laxey says she had no ill intent with the bar-b-que.

She says this was her way to invite the community out for dialogue and conversations.

Laxey explains, “There was no screaming, no threats. We did not disturb the peace.”