With the disbandment of the Metro Narcotics Unit, LPD has taken over drug-related traffic stops on I-10


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – You’ve probably noticed Lafayette police patrolling the Interstate 10 and 49 corridors in the city limits over the past year.
It’s an introductory phase of drug interdiction team set to roll out in the near future.

About 150,000 vehicles travel the I-10, I-49 corridor every day.

Since the disbandment of the Metro Narcotics Unit in 2018, Lafayette police have done drug interdiction on the heavily traveled interstates.

About a six-mile stretch of Interstate 10 and roughly eight miles along I-49 plus the Evangeline Thruway in the Hub City is now being patrolled by Lafayette police in effort to curb drug distribution.

“We’re now are utilizing at this current time patrol officers in our core entries, I-49 and I-10 just to interdict and stop drugs from coming into the city,” Cpl. Bridgette Dugas of the Lafayette Police Department said.

We won’t go into specifics on how they identify suspected drug traffickers, but it’s a method that has proven successful.

In July, Lafayette Police made a stop and seized more than $650,000 meth and cocaine. Not even a week later, arrested three suspects for possession of $86,000 in promethazine and hydrocodone.

“There is no secret recipe,” Dugas said. “So far this year we have about 1.2 million in illegal drugs and that we have stopped from hitting the streets of Lafayette.”

Cpl. Dugas said they’re putting together an interstate drug interdiction team, to start, that team will include two officers and a K-9.

The drug interdiction team will work in conjunction with the seven officer tactical narcotics team who already work the streets of Lafayette on a daily basis.

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